Gout and Hyperuricemia: Treatment Update and Pharmacist's Role

1. According to the American College of Physicians (ACP), which therapy is recommended first-line for acute gouty arthritis?
2. Which strategy would be appropriate counseling for a patient with chronic gout?
3. What is an appropriate uric acid goal for a patient newly diagnosed with gout?
4. Which patient population does not have an increased risk of gout?
5. In which patient population is febuxostat considered first-line ULT?
6. According to ACP guidelines, which of the following medications is preferred for treating an acute gouty arthritis attack?
7. How long should naproxen be continued when used with ULT for prophylaxis in a patient with tophi?
8. Which dietary factor decreases uric acid and does not need to be avoided?
9. What is the appropriate starting dosage of allopurinol?
10. Which regimen would not be an appropriate nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug dosage for acute gouty arthritis?
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