Medication Adherence in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

1. Which of the following elements is a strategy for improving medication adherence?
2. Which of the following enhances a patient's medication adherence?
3. How many patients with type 2 diabetes report nonadherence with insulin therapy?
4. The major difference between adherence and compliance is best described by which of the following options?
5. Medication-adherence rates are generally lower in which of these scenarios?
6. According to the World Health Organization, which of the following is not a dimension affecting adherence?
7. In a recent meta-analysis, which medication or class demonstrated the best adherence rates?
8. A strategic approach to discussions about medication adherence should include which of these methods?
9. Motivational interviewing is best characterized by which of the following elements?
10. Which factor contributes to clinical inertia in patients with diabetes?
Evaluation Questions
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16. The active learning strategies (questions, cases, discussions) were appropriate and effective learning tools:
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18. How would you rate the overall usefulness of the material presented?
19. How would you rate the quality of the faculty?
20. How would you rate the appropriateness of the examination for this activity?