Pharmacologic Options for the Management of Cachexia

1. Which of the following amino acids have the best supporting evidence for use as a nutritional supplement to promote weight gain in cachexia patients?
2. Cannabinoids have the strongest evidence for treatment of cachexia due to which of the following chronic diseases?
3. Which of the following medications is commonly associated with the side effect of anorexia, which can exacerbate and worsen the effects of cachexia?
4. Which of the following treatment benefits is associated with the appetite-stimulating medication megestrol?
5. Which pharmacologic therapy for cachexia patients is directed at improving exercise tolerance to reduce muscle disuse atrophy?
6. For which two disease states is recombinant growth hormone administration most likely to improve lean body mass and total body weight?
7. Which of the following treatment benefits is associated with supplements of testosterone in cachexia patients?
8. Which of the following best describes how cachexia impacts men differently than women?
9. Which of the following contributes to all three of the molecular pathways to cachexia?
10. Ghrelin is a hormone that primarily regulates which of the following human organ systems?
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