The Burgeoning Health Crisis of Youth and e-Cigarettes

1. Which of the following describes the current trend in tobacco use among youth?
2. Which of the following is a dangerous compound found in flavored electronic cigarettes that can lead to bronchiolitis obliterans?
3. Which of the following is incorrect regarding flavoring agents?
4. Which of the following statements related to nicotine is incorrect?
5. Which of the following e-cigarette product(s) is especially appealing to youth?
6. Which of the following conditions is true regarding the use of e-cigarette for smoking cessation?
7. Which of the following initially brought awareness to the dangers of smoking?
8. Which of the following set the age limit to purchase e-cigarette products?
9. Which is the age restriction to purchase e-cigarette products?
10. The marketing for e-cigarettes has been compared with the historical strategy for traditional cigarettes. Which of the following is a strategy that manufacturers have utilized?
Evaluation Questions
11. Met objective 1:
12. Met objective 2:
13. Met objective 3:
14. Met objective 4:
15. Related to your educational needs:
16. The active learning strategies (questions, cases, discussions) were appropriate and effective learning tools:
17. Avoided commercial bias:
18. How would you rate the overall usefulness of the material presented?
19. How would you rate the quality of the faculty?
20. How would you rate the appropriateness of the examination for this activity?