The Pharmacist's Role in Managing Postpartum Depression

1. Which statement is true with regard to postpartum depression (PPD)?
2. Which statement is true concerning depression-treatment rates in pregnant women versus their general-population nonpregnant peers?
3. Which statement is a general principle of appropriate prescribing during the perinatal period?
4. Which of these is a pregnancy-related physiological change that can affect medication management?
5. Which of the following is true regarding treatment of PPD?
6. Which statement is most appropriate regarding whether to continue postpartum an antidepressant used successfully during pregnancy?
7. What does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend for PPD patients who have established breastfeeding goals?
8. Which phrase describes the mechanism of action of brexanolone (Zulresso)?
9. Which of the following is part of the black box warning for brexanolone?
10. Which counseling point is most appropriate for patients scheduled to receive brexanolone?
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